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3 in 1 Configurable “Y”, "Stereo Splitter" or "Insert" Audio Adapter

  • Built-in mode switch allows users to select for “Y”, “Stereo Splitter" or "Insert” configuration

  • Interchangeable connectors allows users to create 100’s of different connection possibilities

  • Thread-locking connectors prevent accidental disconnection during live performance, recording or broadcast use

  • Totally adaptable, simply change connectors for new applications

  • Reliable, nickel plated connectors deliver years of dependable service

  • Passive design, no power required

The Y-SERT™ is a configurable audio interface adaptor that enables users to connect their audio equipment for use in a “Y”, "Stereo Split" or "Insert" format. Select any combination of Y-SERT™ Audio Connectors (sold separately) to properly mate to the audio equipment's inputs and outputs. Each Y-SERT™ Audio Connector screws onto the Y-SERT™ Interface to prevent accidental disconnection during use. Use the mode switch, located on the side of the case, to select the desired configuration required for use.


  • XLR Male
  • XLR Female
  • 1/4" TRS Male
  • 1/4" TRS Female
  • 1/4" TS Male
  • RCA Male
  • RCA Female
  • 3.5mm TRS Male
  • 3.5mm TRS Female

INSTRUCTIONS: Slide the mode switch located on the side of the Y-SERT™ to either INSERT/STEREO or “Y” position. When the switch is in the “Y” position, the Y-SERT™ sends the input signal to both output cables. When the switch is in the INSERT/STEREO position, the Y-SERT™ splits the stereo input signal (Left and Right Channels), sending the Left channel signal to the Left output cable and the Right channel signal to the Right output cable. This configuration can also be used with the IN/OUT (insert) connections of processors and effects devices. NOTE: Always connect the audio adaptors and select the desired mode switch position on the Y-SERT™ Interface prior to connecting to any audio equipment. An audio extension cable may be necessary when using the Y-SERT™.

For intended use only. Not responsible for damage due to misuse or accident.