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Gas Sports Ball Inflation

Gas filler pumps up footballs, basketballs, soccer and volleyballs fast, clean and natural.

For decades, the only way to fill a sports ball was either with a hand pump or compressor.  The hand pump is time consuming and can be exhausting, especially if you have a large quantity to fill.  The compressor is faster, but not always convenient or available since it requires electricity to operate.

Both these fill methods rely on the surrounding ambient air, which is a mixture of not just the atmospheric air we breathe (nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.) but any nearby contaminants such as dust, dirt, micro-organism, oils, pollutants and worst of all, moisture.

Excessive moisture can affect the ball's delicate internal bladder, causing the ball to roll untrue, be out of balance and slightly increase the ball's weight.  In addition, excessive moisture can result in hydrolysis, causing the bladder to crack and break apart.  

The TRUE PRESSURE Precision Sports Ball Inflation System using a special pure and natural Nitrogen/Argon (NitrAr) gas blend that minimizes the filling problems commonly associated with hand pumps and compress air use. 

Not only will a sports ball deliver better and more consistent pressure and performance with NitrAr gas, but because NitrAR gas has larger gas molecules than air, the ball will display less inflation variation over time.

The TRUE PRESSURE line includes the gas cartridges, along with dispensing valve and other high-quality accessories for fast and accurate sports ball filling.  Small and portable, the TRUE PRESSURE filler can be used in the field. 

NitrAr gas is non-toxic and non-flammable, plus the empty steel gas cartridges are 100% recyclable.

Ideal for professional, college, high school and amateur sports groups.