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BLACKSMITH Strings uses their exclusive NANO-CARBON shield technology for strings.  Regular non-coated electric, acoustic and bass guitar strings are typically damaged by dirt, debris, moisture and skin particles.  These particles can pre-maturely age strings with oxidation and rust.

These particles attach to the windings as you play, contaminating your strings, weakening your tone, and reducing string life.  BLACKSMITH’s NANO-CARBON shield acts as a physical barrier between the string and these damaging contaminants – but offers the brighter tone and feel of non-coated strings. In addition to longer string life,

BLACKSMITH's Nano-Carbon shield reduces fret wear and does not flake off like other string coatings. 

For you bass players, our Nano-Carbon shield does not block string conductivity (string ground) like other coated string brands!!!

  • Precision engineered to exacting specifications
  • Highest quality USA-made steel, nickel, and bronze materials
  • Computer controlled servo-drive machines that virtually eliminate core wire vibration during the winding process.
  • Sub-zero treated plain steel strings, resulting in a more balanced feel and tone across the entire set of strings.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee