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Digital Sensor Cleaning

It is a dusty world out there and your camera's DSLR sensor seems to attract dust (yes it really does!).  In order to take pristine images you must eliminate that dust off your sensor.  Do not waste your time with those blower brushes, they just spread the contamination around.
 And do not use aerosols that call themselves "canned air" (there is not such thing - read the label!).  These aerosols contain chemical propellants and they are not what you want to spray in your camera. SEE OUR PURE CO2 and NITROGEN GAS DUSTERS.
Our scientifically designed sensor cleaning kits include our propitiatory sensor cleaning fluid and digital sensor cleaning swabs, all manufacture in the USA.  
While you may not be an Ansel Adams or Annie Leibovitz, your clean sensor may make you feel like them!