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Smartphone Mount

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Most phone mounts are made with cheap plastics and spring loaded mechanisms. The problem is that plastics and springs are unreliable and break easily.  It just takes one bump or jolt to knock your valuable phone from these mounts causing expensive damage as well as loss time of use.  

However our SMART BRACKET phone mount is made from super-strong and thick, precision machined aluminum with a dependable steel threaded locking clamp that holds the phone securely in place.  In addition, the edge of the phone is well protected by three large rubber cushions, which are purposely over-sized to allow use with most phone covers.

 A 1/4"-20 thread hole is located at the phone mount's base for connection to any conventional photo tripod or select from anyone of our SMART BRACKET ACCESSORIES for just about any application:

  • Video
  • Filming
  • Photography
  • Education
  • Work 
  • Travel