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True Pressure Basic Sports Ball Inflation Pump Kit with Nitrogen/Argon blend gas

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Our Nitrogen/Argon (NitrAr) is a special dry and inert gas blend designed specifically for use with sports balls.  NitrAr is also non-corrosive and non-flammable, making it very safe and offering multiple advantages over compress air.  Because of its larger molecular size, NitrAr migrates through a ball three to four times slower than compressed air, providing more stable pressure over time.

Nitrogen gas by itself responds to changes in ambient temperature in a similar manner to compressed air (around 1 PSI per 10 degrees) and thus it stands up to extreme cold temperatures and heat as well as regular compressed air. In order to improve performance, we blended Argon with Nitrogen. Argon is a noble gas which has a larger molecular structure than CO2, O2 and N2 plus Argon does not combine with anything else.  These characteristics offer the best qualities to maintain pressure through temperature variation.

However, compressed air also contains varying amounts of moisture and other contaminants, which can cause air-filled balls to experience pressure fluctuations with temperature changes, negatively impacting an air-filled balls intended performance. Thus NitrAR filled balls will provide more consistent pressure and response during play during these adverse conditions.

In addition, compressed air contains about 21% oxygen, which along with moisture, promotes oxidation from within the ball.  Over time, oxidation will affect a balls overall performance.  Use of NitrAr will reduce the negative effects of oxidation increasing ball life and playability.

To use, simply inflate your balls with NitrAr to the same psi as you would with compressed air.  Use our Sports Ball Pressure Gauge to confirm proper pressure level.

Also great for use with trophy, display and historical game balls

The BASIC KIT includes a dispensing valve, needle pin and 4 each 3.2 gram NitrAr cartridges.  One 3.2 gram cartridge fill a single ball.