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STICK TWIRL is an attachment for drumsticks - created for use by all drummers regardless of age and experience. It increases speed and agility while enhances visual style and showmanship. The ergonomic designed reduces hand fatigue while preventing drop sticks, yet virtually invisible when in use!

STICK TWIRL is manufactured using a flexible polymer material that allows easy attachment to virtually any size drumstick from 7A to 2B, as well as most mallets and marching sticks.

The natural feel allows for a normal match grip and placement along the sticks fulcrum point, ideal for practicing rudiments.  Ideal for those players suffering from arthritis and other hand and joint aliments.



Dennis Chambers has recorded and performed with Santana, George Duke, Brecker Brothers, Parliament/Funkadelic, John McLaughlin, Niacin, Mike Stern, CAB, Greg Howe, the Jacksons and many others.

Dennis has toured extensively with Carlos Santana, makes appearances with his band Niacin and currently on tour with Victor Wooten.

I believe this product is revolutionary. It is great for balance and control...”

— Dennis Chambers




Casey Cooper, or “COOP3RDRUMM3R,”  as he is more commonly known by on the popular video streaming site YouTube. In May of 2011 he started uploading drum covers, live performances, original songs, lessons and other drumming and music related videos to YouTube under the channel name of COOP3RDRUMM3R. He built a YouTube channel that is now the most viewed and subscribed YouTube drumming channel per day in the world and continues to grow at an astounding rate. With over 2.5 million monthly views and always growing, Cooper’s channel reaches drummers and musicians from every country in the world as he aspires to create videos to entertain and reach out to every musical style and taste.

“The product looks great and is both interesting and exciting...So great to meet [StickTwirl] at NAMM 2017 and check out [their] AWESOME StickTwirl! I was very impressed and would love to feature them in one or multiple videos on my [YouTube] channel...””

— Casey Cooper - [YouTube Drummer] - COOP3RDRUMM3R]



  • Mason Ledbetter - viral YouTube drummer "MasonVPT"
  • Brian Briscoe - Drummer of "Vague Vendetta"
  • Travesty Davis - Drummer of "Devil You Adore"
  • Luca Stone - Nashville Live, Touring & Studio Drummer
  • Kayleigh Moyer - Nashville Live, Touring & Studio Drummer. Drummer of "The Khromatiks"
  • Sammi Potts - Nashville Live, Touring & Studio Drummer. Drummer of "Jonathan and Emily Martin"
  • John David Brister - Nashville Live, Touring & Studio Drummer. Drummer of SKAR RITUAL/ HAIRICANE 80's Party band at Musician (Nashville)
  • Richard Davis Hodges - CMT Drummer of "Shaun Abbott"
  • Brenden Scarlett - Drummer of "Emrys" Band []
  • Steven Castillo - Drummer of "Broken Street Lights" & "Immanuel"
  • Travis King - On Drums Productions (Nashville). Musician, Producer, Songwriter and Teacher