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SMART BRACKET Posi-Grip Pads for Tablets and Phones

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SMART BRACKET Posi-Grip Pads are design to provide a gripping surface to tablets, phones and other devices with a ultra-smooth or slippery surface.  Posi-Grip Pads are manufactured from a space-age urethane composition providing excellent cushion, stability and amazing skid-resistance.

Posi-Grip Pads are ideal for tablet and phone users who prefer to use their device  (a la natural) without a case or cover.  Pads are curved shaped, measure 2" x 1" and just 0.07" thickness so a device can be placed in a case or cover without having to remove the pads.

Additionally, pads can be cut and trimmed with scissors or Xacto blade for customized shapes.  One pair (two pads) per package.



■ Pressure sensitive adhesives bond fast and permanently when pressed to most         clean, dry, and smooth surfaces

■ Made from long lasting resilient urethane composition, that remain flexible, and       provide high tack, good initial adhesion

■ High coefficient of friction resists skidding even with moist/wet hands

■ Easy to remove liner ensures fast application to device surface (clean device surface of soil, hand oils and contaminants before applying pads)

■ Pads will not crack or harden

■ Will not scratch or damage device's surface