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AMERICAN RECORDER Professional Tape Head Cleaning Fluid

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For over 45 years, American Recorder Technologies, Inc. has been leading the way in audio tape head cleaning.  Our world famous S-721H tape head cleaning solution is  used by top recording and mastering studios as well as high end audio manufactures and repair shops.

S-721H is specially formulated to safely remove tape oxides, soils, oils, waxes, greases, adhesives and other contaminants from audio tape heads, video tape heads, tape guides, capstans and pinch rollers. 

Regular use of analog recording tape will leave tape oxides, adhesive, dust and other residue material on the tape head and other parts along the tape path (commonly referred to as shredding).  These materials will migrate and clog the tape heads critical micro-gap area, reducing frequency response and signal levels.

NOTE: Alcohol based solutions do not have the ability to break apart these stubborn "combination deposits" of oxides and adhesives.  

S-721H's low surface tension and excellent wetting of surfaces allow superior penetration of critical tape head micro-gap area, breaking apart adhesives and oxides, lifting away from the tape heads surface for easy removal by a cotton swab or wipe. In addition, S-721H will promote extended life and healthy texture to pinch rollers. 

S-721H is designed for use on all types of digital and analog tape recorders.  A clean tape path will insure high quality recording and playbacks. Recommended by countless audio manufactures for use on their analog recording equipment including NAKAMICHI, TANDBERG, KENWOOD, YAMAHA, PIONEER, just to name a few.  Also recommended by FULLTONE for cleaning their Tube Tape Echo Effects unit.


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