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PMIX 3-Channel Stereo Analog Audio Mixer

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While the world has gone digital, there is still plenty of analog audio out there. The PMIX Audio Mixer makes it easy to connect analog audio devices such as iPods, smartphones*, MP3, Satellite radio, TV, CD, DVD, Turntable (equipped with line level outputs) and Computers to amplified speakers equipped with line level inputs.

You may ask, "what is the advantage of hooking up analog"?  Well one big advantage is you can instantly adjust the sound levels without having to get to the computers icon screen.   There is nothing more convenient than just a simple knob to turn your volume up and down.  In addition, when your are running analog you free up your computer's USB connections!

The PMIX has inputs for up to 3 devices, so you can hook up your computer monitor, TV audio and a mobile phone.  

Unlike "Y" cables, you can safely connect up to three audio devices at a time to the PMIX, which electronically isolates and protects each device's output circuit while providing each device with it's own input level adjustment.  There is also a master volume control that allows overall sound level control over the three stereo channels.

For private listening, the PMIX includes a headphone jack which will automatically shut-off the main audio output when used, ideal for the college dorm room or working late at night without disturbing others.  

Plug the PMIX into your home hi-fi system and instantaneously create three additional auxiliary inputs. 

In addition, many Bluetooth speakers have a 3.5mm analog input jack that can connect directly to the PMIX for dual digital and analog use.

All connections are 3.5mm jacks, eliminating the need to purchase various audio adapters.  Includes a variety of hook-up cables and power supply.


  • 3 audio inputs with individual level controls
  • Master volume control
  • Amplified headphone amp
  • Main output shut-off (when headphone connected)
  • 3.5mm and RCA Audio Cables
  • 9VDC Power supply

*Phone must be equipped with 3.5mm headphone jack