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Dual Line Level Stereo Analog VU Meters

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A VU meter is a device for measuring the level of sound intensity with audio equipment, such as mixers, amplifiers, tape recorders and LP turntables. Although the measurements indicated on such a meter are in DECIBELs, the zero level should not be confused with 0 dB, the threshold of hearing.

VU meters are a must have for recording, broadcast and live recordings, allowing the user to have a quick visual confirmation of the audio signal levels and avoiding high level distortion. VU meters can also be connected to consumer audio equipment to monitor audio input and output levels.

The VDC-151 is a compact device, ideal for both professional and home use.  The unit features individual left and right VU meters with independent sensitivity adjustment controls.  VU meters are backlit and has a brightness intensity control.  All audio connections are made via unbalanced RCA input and outputs jacks. 

The VDC-151 small size make it ideal not just for the studio, but for remote broadcast and live recording.