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PK's Original Muffbone Bass Drum Muffler

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For years working drummers have been seeking a simple, effective way to muffle their bass drum on the job, whether it's live or in the studio.

Different styles of music require a different bass drum sound. Jazz needs an open, melodic type sound, while funk or rock needs a short, punchy attack. The problem is that today's drummer may have to play both styles on the same job, even on consecutive tunes.

P. K's Original Muffbone can be applied or removed in a matter of seconds without the drummer ever leaving his or her playing position.
What's the secret? It's the shape and texture of the Muffbone. The Muffbone is a stuffed pad that's shaped like a dog's bone. It's filled with a special grain that takes a shape and holds it. The Muffbone simply fits between the vertical arms of the pedal and the batter head. The 'bone' shape has a narrow section in the middle that gives the footboard full, free movement. The two padded sides provide the muffling needed to take the ring or boom off any bass drum. You can shape Muffbone to give a little muffling or a lot. It also works well on snare drums and tom-toms.
   The Muffbone is a great product that any drummer can use!
  • Instantly muffles bass drum
  • Unique texture, fill seed and dog bone design that holds it's shape
  • Takes the ring and boom off any bass drum
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Can be shaped for more or less muffling effect



Thanks ...for "Dem' Bones." I always needed a muffler that I could turn on or off when I am changing the style of music I am playing.
-- NDUGU CHANCIER, Grammy winning drummer, composer

The Muffbone is a simple yet clever bass drum muffling accessory that's effective and easy-to-use as well as musical. I use one on the 18" bass drum set-up in my studio, and I keep another one in my trap case for gigs around town. Bravo, Paul Kreibich, for dreaming up this little puppy. Cute!

The perfect 'on the job' solution to controlling your bass drum.

The Muffbone is a very practical and easy to use muffling device that all drummers will find useful. You can change from muffled to wide open it a flash and depending on how much of the "bone" you use, you can adjust the amount of muffling with out deadening the feel of the bass drum.

The Muffbone is a product that drummers have needed since the invention of the bass drum pedal!

I think the Muffbone is a perfect solution for drummers who want to use an open sounding bass drum and play at different clubs and gigs where one has to adjust the sound of the drum to suit the acoustics. With the Muffbone I can make adjustments quickly and easily without having to take apart a drum. I think it is a great product and I look forward to using it on all my gigs.
-- STEVE SCHAFFER, top L.A. studio and jazz drummer-percussionist

The muffbone works really well… I had a student over and we worked on some Bossa and Samba stuff, so I thought it was a perfect time to try it. It's exactly what's needed for Jazz Drummers who like an open BD, but a deader sound for the other music. I will definitely use it, thanks for sending me one.

It works and it's very cool!
-- JIM RUPP, Columbus Percussion, Woody Herman

The Muffbone is the first bass drum accessory that has allowed me to have multiple choices of volume. It remains exactly where I place it until I decide to change the sound again. It's great for recording sessions.
-- DANNY PUCILLO, L.A. drummer