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PICKUP-TRONIX Model 1 Pickguard

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Original price $ 499.95
Current price $ 429.95

Create and expand your tones to the max with our MODEL 1, High Performance Drop-In Pickguard featuring switching tone and volume controls and a 5 way pickup switch.  

This hand-built pickguard comes pre-wired with our signature Pickup-Tronix Ground Plane Technology, having all the grounds safely wired to the pickguard shield.  Our exclusive ground plane is manufactured from 100% copper and is up to 3 times the thickness of standard aluminum ground plane, providing better ground signal transfer and superior shielding, resulting in the lowest possible noise floor and the most natural tones.

For the best performance and long life, each handcrafted pickguard is assembled with the very finest components, featuring Bourns pots for the master volume and tones controls, a high-quality CRL pickup switch and Orange Drop Capacitor.  

In addition, all terminations are connected with vintage wax cotton wire and then hand-soldered with our high content silver solder.  Note the cleanliness of our soldering and wiring.

The MODEL 1 features TESLA  Humbuckers (neck, middle) + Humbucker (bridge)  Some Strats may need routing in the neck position if it was originally routed for a single coil.  Standard colors are black and white.  Additional charge for colors.

Because every pickguard is hand-built please allow for 7-10 days for production time.