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Lizard Spit Fret Polishing Kit

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Over time, your guitar frets will accumulate a nasty build-up due to the environmental dirt and dust, as well as body sweat, oil, dead skin and of!  All this gunk causes your strings to stick, cause sluggish action and loss of tone.

The LIZARD SPIT Fret Cleaning System quickly cleans frets with a barrier protection that seals fret wires, minimizing oxidation.  This kit contains 24 pre-moisten,  easy-to-use disposable fret polishing pads, 2 sizes of fret guards and a high quality Micro Fiber Cleaning & Polishing Cloth.

Along with the frets, don't forget to treat and maintain your fret board as well.  Use LIZARD SPIT MODEL MP14 Fret Board Condition for the very best playability and tone.

Refill Pads for “The Fret Polishing System” MP19 (quantity 24)