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KEY WRAP Reversible Blue/Green Cover for Special Effects

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Blue/green screen was originally invented as a film technique to separate the actors and composite them over another background. The reason both green and blue are used because they are the least prominent colors in our skin tone. The goal in using a green or a blue screen is to isolate the subject.

Key Wrap is a reversible, bright blue/green wrap, which is perfect to cover-up  wires on your set. During film editing, you can easily key out the green and blue colors, so you will be left with just your subject without any background or wires hanging around and set pieces.

Studio Key Wrap is made of durable, two sided vinyl, with blue on one side and green on other, and it has hook and loop for quick and easy installation. Our sleeve is thick enough not to let the light pass through it, and also protects your cables against unwanted moisture and wear.

Available in 2" and 2.5" diameter.