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HI-FI AUDIO SYSTEM with 200 Watt Amp and Vinyl LP Turntable

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If you have never been into HI-FI and looking to begin or maybe start listening to all those great vinyl LP records again,  American Recorder has put this affordable, yet high quality bundle of quality HI FI Audio Components including turntable and speakers.  Get exceptional sound quality without spending an outrages amount of money!  


This bundle gets started with the OSD PRE-1 Preamplifier and AMP200 Power Amplifier.  The PRE-1 has a sleek and uncluttered front panel yet provides all the essential inputs selectors for dynamic sound reproduction.  The PRE-1 has the all important PHONO stage input, for proper signal input level to mate with a LP turntable.  The AMP200 is a high current A/B amp design that delivers 200 watts of power per channel.


Go ahead and immerse yourself in the world of analogue listening pleasure. Vinyl enthusiasts can start using the turntable straight away thanks to the pre-installed, elliptical cartridge from Ortofon. The precise belt drive on the TURN2 ensures a consistent platter speed with minimal wow and flutter. The built-in, low-vibration DC motor is extremely quiet meaning the TURN2 can be ideally set up in listening environments or living rooms. The integrated motor control can be conveniently switched between 33 1/3 and 45 RPM using the speed selector switch, which is located underneath the chassis in keeping with the player’s minimal styling.


Superb sounding 2 way bookshelf speaker with crisp, detail and natural audio reproduction.  Made with exceptional components including a 5.25 inch carbon cone driver for accurate mid-range as well as quick, deep bass while a 1 inch textile dome tweeter delivers clean and clear high frequencies.  The cabinet's MDF wood design creates a rigid enclosure to enhance strength, minimize vibration and enhance low response.  The outside offers beautiful real wood veneers in a choice of maple, rosewood or black. Includes 5-way gold binding post and black cloth speaker grill. 

Speakers are finished with real wood veneer and available in black, maple and rosewood.