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SMART BRACKET Heavy Duty PRO Pole Mount and Phone Holder

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You paid a lot for your personal devices.  Why take a chance attaching them to a cheaply made clamp that uses plastic and springs!  All it takes is one sudden unintentional bump or nudge, a crack in the plastic or a snap in the spring and out pops your device and smashes to the ground.

Well with SMART BRACKET, we make our products to a much higher standard! Just as with our phone and tablet mounts, our PRO POLE CLAMP SYSTEM is precision machined from billet aluminum with a ARRI locking gear that firmly holds the tablet adjustment angle perfectly in place.  

This system features a 3/4" aluminum pole clamp the fits just about any type of stand up to 1.75" diameter and can also be attached to counters, shelves and table top edges.  A ridged 5" aluminum extension arm is fastened to the pole clamp at one end, while a locking gear is mounted at the opposite end and mates with the angle plate, which has a matching gear as. Once these gears are meshed together and the threaded faster knob is tighten, the phone angle will not sag or droop!

Included with this system is our amazing aluminum phone mount, with a unique adjustable neck that will hold virtually any make/model of phone including the latest iPhone and large Galaxy Notes.   Specially designed, extra-large rubber cushions gently cradle the tablet in place without damaging the device's delicate edge and is held in place with a fine-thread fastening screw.  Just as with the other components, the tablet mount is entirely machined from 3/8" thick aluminum for superior strength and will not bend, warp or crack.

All parts are finished with a durable black powder coat finish that resist scratching and nicks.  Built for those looking for the best performance under the most demanding conditions.  Ideal for the active professional, student and technology enthusiast.