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drumdots Drum Dampener

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drumdots Drum Dampeners are engineered to control the over-ring without sacrificing the drum's tone.  drumdots are made of VTemTM. a special polymer developed just for drumdots.  This material is not an adhesive but will adhere to drums and cymbals and then remove without leaving a residue.

Available in two sizes for application to all types of drums, cymbals and percussion instruments.

  • ORIGNAL - 1.5" diameter (4 pack)
  • MINI - 1.0"  diameter (6 pack)

drumdots FAQ's  

1. Should I tune my drums BEFORE I use drumdots?
Yes, drumdots are designed to take out the over-ring of a tuned drum without changing the tone of your drums. So for BEST results: Tune your drums, then use drumdots.

2. Can drumdots be cleaned ?
Yes, they can be cleaned... and they can be renewed over and over.  Simply rub them with a drop of "baby oil" until they have a clear appearance, then wash with any mild soap and warm water.  Pat or air dry,  GOOD AS NEW!
(For Best Results: DO NOT Soak your drumdots in Baby Oil, simply rub, wash and dry )

3. How do drumdots work? 

drumdots stick without being "sticky"...  This means that the initial strike vibration is allowed to reach the rim and vibrate through the shell as intended . Unlike other "sticky" dampers and tape which creates a "dead-spot" in the drumhead muting the tone, drumdots allow the head to breathe preserving the natural tone of the drum.  Then... as the initial strike vibrations slow down, the drumdot "chokes" the over-ring.  The closer to the center you place the drumdot, the MORE over-ring will be eliminated.  You have to try it to hear the difference between muting to reduce the ring, and controlling the ring while keeping the tone ... Click Here "TEST RESULTS"

4. How many drumdots do I need per drum?
Most of our customers tell us that they just need 1 drumdot per drum, but we do have some customers that use more than one to almost completely eliminate all of the over-ring.  They like it because it creates a "Thud" that they like, while keeping the "Crack" of the drum in tact.

5. How Long will drumdots Last?
drumdots under "normal" use and care, including an occasional cleaning, should last for years.  But we can't guard against what happens on the road, so again, "normal" use...

6. Should I remove my drumdots before I pack up and transport my drums ?
Yes.. We recommend removing them and placing them back in their case for transport.  They may get knocked off while moving your drums or placing them inside your cases. 

7. How do I use drumdots?
drumdots are very simple and versatile to use.  1. Place a drumdot anywhere on your drum head, even on the resonator head.  2. Press the air out from under the drumdot (no need to get it all out, the more you play the better it sticks) 3. Play... Repeat until you get the desired sound.

8. What are drumdots made of ?
drumdots are made of our own proprietary polymer we call V-Tem.  We not only make drumdots, but we also make V-Tem,  ensuring consistency and quality throughout the entire manufacturing process. 
V-Tem is NON-TOXIC, but could be a Choking Hazard - Keep out of Reach of Children - Not a Toy

9. Are drumdots sticky?
drumdots are not really sticky, but will adhere to any kind of drumhead or cymbal.  This allows them to "Control the ring but keep the Tone"...

10. Will drumdots leave a residue on my drumhead?
No, drumdots are designed to "stick" without leaving a residue on your drumhead.

11. Will drumdots work on both Coated and Uncoated drum heads?
Yes, drumdots will work equally as well on both types of drumheads.

12. Can drumdots be used on cymbals and cowbells?
Yes, they stick either on the top or on the bottom of any cymbal or cowbell.