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DIGIBRUSH Carbon Fiber Sensor Cleaning Brush

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The DIGIBRUSH™ utilizes extremely fine carbon fiber bristles, typically less than 0.0003” and is made up of 94% pure carbon. These fibers have incredible tensile strength of 525 Ksi, (that’s kilo pounds per square inch) which provide good abrasion resistance, allowing the bristles to maintain their shape but will not break easily when used. While exhibiting remarkable strength, the fiber’s thinness makes them incredibly soft! These thin fibers, strategically mounted on the brush head, allow the DIGIBRUSH™ to trap and remove minute particles of dust and dirt from digital sensors and other delicate surfaces.

In addition, carbon fibers are near neutral on the triboelectric chart (friction measurement) of static generation. They neither give nor take electrons and, therefore, remain essentially electrically neutral and will not generate any potentially damaging electrical static discharge! The DIGIBRUSH™ is perfect for both the professional and photographic enthusiast.

The DIGIBRUSH is perfect for on-the-spot quick cleaning and safe for air travel.

NOTE: Always excersise care when cleaning the camera's digital sensor.  Cleaning should always be performed indoors in a clean, dry and wind-free environment.