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DeoxIT® D100L D-Series Liquid, 100% solution, 7.4 ml,

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DeoxIT® D-Series – Contact Cleaner & Rejuvenator

Part No. D100L-2DB:
100% Liquid, No solvents

7.4ml bottle with application brush cap

Applicator: Bottle, provides NO flushing action, applies 100% DeoxIT®.
Formulation:   100% DeoxIT®.
UseWhen contact and connector are easily accessible. No flushing action. 

Notes: Use when over spray is an issue on materials. Formulation safe on plastics. Recommend wiping off excess, leaving a thin layer. After application, if you notice a green or black discoloration (sometimes over time), this indicates it is doing its job (dissolving oxidation) and improving the connection.  Wipe off and re-apply DeoxIT®.

Container: Transferring fluid into a non-approved container for storage or resale may compromise efficacy and voids warranty.

NOTE: This product can not ship by air - UPS GROUND ONLY