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DB25 to Dual RJ45 Adapter with TASCAM DIGITAL/ANALOG Pinout

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  • Plug and play design
  • RJ45 connectors for reliability
  • Low cost
  • Rugged molded adapters
  • Uses twisted pair CAT6 for superior signal transmission and low noise
  • Make changes in seconds
  • No down time waiting for custom made cables
  • Ideal for wiring studios, control rooms and equipment racks

Finally there is an alternative to those expensive and bulky DB25 Cables. American Recorder’s new DB25 Modular Adapters are ideal for easy and quick point to point connection of audio devices equipped with DB25 connectors. Simply plug the DB25 adapter into the audio device and connect a pair of shielded CAT6 cables to the RJ45 jacks on the adapter’s backside. On the other end of the CAT 6 cable connect the appropriate connector to mate with audio device.  Each CAT 6 cable contains 4 channels of twisted pair wires for clear, low noise audio. In addition, CAT6 cables are very lightweight and easy to run.  

DB25 Adapters are available in two models, with pin outs for TASCAM or YAMAHA audio devices. For even greater flexibility, we also provide breakout adapters with XLR, TRS and Bare End configurations. No need to wait weeks to get custom made DB25 cables. Just choose your connectors and cable length and you are good to go. Adapters can be used with either both digital or analog applications.

This DB25 adapter can be used with audio equipment using TASCAM DIGITAL and ANALOG Pin out.  Can also be used with other audio equipment using TASCAM pinout including Digidesign and Panasonic.  Always check with your equipment's manufacture to confirm compatibility.

These DB25 adapters are not compactable with ethernet networks.