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AMERICAN RECORDER High Performance Guitar Cable - 1/4" Right Angle to Right Angle

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When it comes to cables you pay for what you get.  Many cheap cables use super thin wires and poor quality metal alloys other than pure copper. These cables make lousy signal conductors and can actually "mask" or "color" the instruments sound quality. In addition, inferior quality solder and termination further cause signal erosion as well as unreliable connections. Nothing is more humiliating than your cable cutting in and out during a gig!

Well you don't have to surrender your instruments unique tones while sacrificing reliability any longer.  AMERICAN RECORDER manufactures great cables that are so affordable!  Our Guitar & Instrument Cables are designed to deliver natural sound and tones while minimizing external noise and hum.  We hand-build our cables in the USA with top quality components and rock-solid dependability.

24 awg OFC conductor covered in a polyethylene dialectic, which is then wrapped in black carbon PVC layer. This special layer is used to eliminate “micro phonics”, which is the noise produced when tapping or moving a cable when used with a high impedance voltage circuit (as an electric guitar). A spiral shield is then used to further reduce noise with a PVC outer jacket that resist sharp edges and abrasion while also allowing for maximum cable flexibility.  

This high quality and affordable guitar cable is made with or own proprietary cable and connectors, delivering clean, natural sound with a super-flexible jacket for long cable life and durability.

  • 24 gauge Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductor
  • OFC spiral shielding with 90% coverage
  • Black Carbon Layer to reduce cable "microphonics"
  • Terminated with high content silver solder
  • All metal connector
  • Flexible PVC jacket
  • 6mm outer diameter
  • 100% QC and tested
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty