Deluxe Carbon Dioxide Gas Duster (canned air) - 74 gram



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If you currently use an aerosol duster, you may have heard it referred to as “canned air”. However you should know there is no such thing as “CANNED AIR”. All you have to do is read the warning label on traditional aerosol dusters to see they contain chemicals that emit harmful and potentially toxic or flammable vapors.  Not only are you exposing yourself to these dangerous chemicals, but your family, pets or co-workers as well.  In addition, these chemicals can leave a residue that adversely effect delicate materials and sensitive equipment! 

There is an alternative to harmful aerosols and that is carbon dioxide gas. Carbon dioxide is a pure gas that exists naturally in Earth’s atmosphere, so it is not dangerous to human health. In fact, carbon dioxide gas is part of the Earth’s “Cycle of Life” – plants absorb carbon dioxide as food and produce oxygen as waste, which humans and animals then breathe. It is also an environmentally friendly gas that demands much less energy to produce than synthetic aerosols chemicals.  

Carbon dioxide gas is totally safe to use on all types of electronics, musical instruments, electric razors, sewing machines, smoke detectors, lab equipment, forensics, tablets and phones. Additionally delicate lubricants, inks, toner, fabric, dyes will not be adversely effected by carbon dioxide gas. And unlike aerosol cans that can only be partially recycled, the CO2’s empty steel cartridges are 100% recyclable.   


  • Electronics
  • Camera
  • Lens
  • Key
  • boards
  • Computers/Laptops
  • Printers
  • Phones/Tablets
  • Fine Watches
  • Sewing Machines
  • RC Devices
  • Models
  • Optics
  • Musical Instruments
  • Electric Razors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Motion Picture

The CO-87100 is our largest unit and includes two 74 gram carbon dioxide cartridge and carrying case.     


IMPORTANT NOTE: Liquefied gas under pressure will naturally produce a “cold effect” when discharge. For best results follow the instructions carefully.

DO NOT FULLY DEPRESS THE TRIGGER. ONLY USE QUICK, SHORT BURST. By doing so will reduce the “cold effect” and keep the output pressure as high as possible. 

If you have any questons contact our customer service department at or call 888-611-3790 (US);     1-805-527-9580 (International)      

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