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POWERCLEAN Optikal Kleener - SCREEN, LENS CD & DVD Disc Cleaner - Travel Size

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Constant use of harsh chemicals such as alcohol or ammonia can damage delicate optic surfaces. That is why we developed our OPTIKAL KLEENER lens and screen cleaning fluid utilizing the latest advancements in modern, state of the art biodegradable activated enzyme technology! OPTIKAL KLEENER soaks up contaminants and oils like a sponge, while leaving the optic surface clear of residue, streak & static free!

Unlike other products that re-package standard cleaning chemicals, we carefully manufacture each batch of OPTIKAL KLEENER in our own laboratory. Every step of production is meticulously control by our expert staff, including water purification, measurement and blending. Once manufacturing is complete, the batch moves to our clean room for packaging in specially cleaned bottles and a super-mist spray top.
We use only the finest and thick micro fiber cloths that are specifically designed for cleaning optics (unlike micro fiber material designed for garments).  
This cleaning kit can be used to clean glass on TV, tablet , smartphone screens, camera lens and any non-pores surface. 
OPTIKAL KLEENER is very easy to use, just spay and wipe clean with one of our reusable ULTRA CLOTHS micro fiber cleaning wipes. OPTIKAL KLEENER is chemical free and safe to use around children and pets.  
Available in:
      1 ounce spray mist bottles with extra-thick 6.5" x 6.5"  micro fiber cleaning cloth.
      4 ounce spray mist bottles with extra-thick 11" x 12" micro fiber cleaning cloth