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Brazilian Purple Heart Drumsticks

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This drumstick is made from Brazilian Purple Heart hardwood, a dense, and resilient wood (slightly less hard than Brazilian Cherry). It is well-known for its beautiful natural purple color and density, which provides an excellent rebound. The wear is slow, and its bright sound keeps for a much longer period of time. The size and texture guarantee control and comfort for quick and dynamic playing while delivering brighter cymbals sounds and greater resonance in drums.  This is one of our most popular drumsticks.  

All sticks measure 16" in length except for 5A sticks measure 16.5". Only available with wood tips.

LIVERPOOL is the largest manufacture of professional drumsticks in Brazil. Each pair of drumsticks is rigorously evaluated and inspected during the manufacturing process to meet the highest standards.   NOTE: All drumsticks are produced using Brazilian woods grown from sustainable forest. 

No endangered species are use in the production of these products. Made in Brazil.

Sold in pairs.


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