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BLACKSMITH Acoustic 6 String Set, Nano-Carbon Coated 80/20 Bronze - Custom Light - 11-52

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Blacksmith  Nano Carbon Coated Strings offer the perfect balance of tone, playability and longest sustaining sound.  Made from high quality raw wire that is manufactured in the USA, strings are finished on Blacksmith advance automatic system to ensure absolute precision and dynamic consistency. 

The Nano Carbon Coating provide protection from dirt, debris, moisture, skin particles and other harmful particles that can get stuck in windings, weakening tone.  In addition, nano coating prevents rust and oxidation, reducing finger squeaks, fret wear and flaking while staying in tune longer and extending string life.
  • Nano-Carbon Coated
  • Long lasting
  • Increased sustain
  • Purer tone
  • Stable tuning
  • Accurate intonation
  • Superior & faster playability
  • Precision Made from USA Steel

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