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5" x 7" Aluminum/Acoustic Foam Microphone Anti-Reflection Panel with clamp and gooseneck

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Professional recording studios spend 10's of thousands of dollars to acoustically treat their rooms in order to create the proper recording environment.  They cover their room's hard surfaces with large foam panels and diffusers in order to break up reflective sound waves that can ruin audio recordings.

However there is a more practical and cost effective way to create the correct recording environment without all the expense and work.  Instead of treating the room, treat the microphone! 

The ARP-101 anti-reflection panel is designed to improve the performance of any microphone when used in an acoustically compromised environment (glass, tile, metallic and other hard surfaces).

The ARP-101 captures stray sound waves after they have traveled pass the microphone. These stray waves, when left untreated, will cause room reflections that exist in the recording environment and can adversely affect the quality of your recording.  Unwanted effects such as frequency colorations, “muddy” vocals, and time delay anomalies can occur in non-acoustically treated environments. Additionally, the panels perforated back panel captures stray reflections that bounce back toward the microphone.

The anti-reflection panel works to reduce or eliminate these effects in non-acoustically treated environments at a fraction of the cost of acoustically treating an entire room, and can provide additional isolation when needed in acoustically treated environments as well.

The ARP-101 can be used in all types of recording applications with both vocals and instruments.  A complete Owner's Manual provides set-up information for recording with various instruments and vocals along with independent product test results.