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Turntable Cable RCA to RCA with Ground Lugs

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High performance audio cable designed specifically for use with turntables.  OFC wire with 100% spiral shield delivers superior signal transfer and low noise level.  Cables are hand terminated with high content silver solder. 

In addition, there is an 18 awg chassis ground wire with fork connector. The ground wire extends 6" at each end of the cable to ensure an easy connection to a chassis ground screw.  Durable and supple outer PVC jacket allows for easy cable connection and long cable life.

This version has left and right RCA plugs at both ends as well as a ground lug connection

Available in a variety of lengths and with nickel or gold plated RCA connectors


  • 1 meter (3.3 ft)
  • 1.5 meter (4.95 ft)
  • 2 meter (6.6 ft)
  • 3 meter (9.9 ft)
  • 4 meter (13.2 ft)

FYI - Turntables use a magnetic cartridge and stylus to pick up the sound from the record groove.  The signal level from the magnetic cartridge is very low and must be connected to audio equipment with a "PHONO" level input.  When connecting a turntable to audio equipment without a phono input, an AMERICAN RECORDER VDC-141 PHONO PREAMP can be used, allowing connection to any line level input (CD, DVD, TAPE, etc.).