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Turntable Digital Stylus Force Gauge

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Proper stylus tracking is important for maintaining good sound quality and stylus life.  This vinyl record stylus force tracking gauge allows for precision measurement of stylus weight from 0.01g, large range is 200g,  Accurate measurement of your cartridge stylus delivers perfect groove depth for better sound quality.
The turntable's tonearm weight is adjusted to control the force of the stylus to reach the perfect tracking point. You can adjust for different pressures to experience different sound quality.  
Requires 2 each AAA batteries attached, long battery life and will automatically shut down after 60 seconds of standby.
Place the stylus gauge on the record player turntable.  Use the power button to switch on the scale. With every switch-on, the scale will be calibrated automatically. You can select the scale (set to 0) at anytime by pressing the (TARE) button.
Now lower the stylus in the middle of the round scaling area and you can see the pick-up arm weight. By pressing the button (UNIT) repeatedly you can choose
between different units (grams/ounces).
1. Put the weight in a stable environment without vibration and contact with moisture.
2. Please do not place any object greater than the rated weight on the weighing pallet, which may damage the sensor.  Do not drop or impact the weighing pallet, handle it with care.
3. Do not use mobile phones within 50cm of the weight when using the product, which will affect to use.
4. Please use the product in an environment of 10-30 degrees Celsius. Excessive temperature difference may cause measurement error.
5.ERR symbol will appear when the added weight of the tray exceeds the rated weight.