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AMERICAN RECORDER Cassette Cleaner for Audio Cassette Recorders - NO FLUID

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The C-911B Audio Cassette Cleaner removes tape oxides and other harmful particles that build up along tape path cleaning the tape head, guides, pinch rollers and capstans of audio cassette tape recorders.  

The C-911B uses a unique design with a special non-abrasive cleaning ribbon for the tape head and guides, while stationary pads are utilized for cleaning the pinch roller and capstan.   

This special version of the C-911B does not contain any cleaning fluid, allowing for shipment anywhere in the world.  You may use your own locally source cleaning fluid with this cassette cleaner.  Includes 2 sets of pinch roller/capstan replacement pads.

NOTE: The plastic material used in making the cassette cleaner is compatible with many common chemicals, but always test by applying a small amount of liquid on an unimportant area of the cassette cleaner to verify there is no reaction.