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SMART BRACKET Aluminum Pole Mount & Bracket System

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Developed for use with our SMART BRACKET line of tablet and phone mounts, this pole mount and fixture allows attachment to any microphone, camera and equipment stands with up to 1.5" diameter. 

The fixture has a fixed 5" extension arm with a 180 degree up-down adjustable angle plate.  All components are precision machined from high-grade aluminum.  In addition, ARRI metal gears are placed between the extension arm and angle plate, locking the set angle firmly in place and will not loosen due to movement or shaking. All fasteners use industry standard 1/4" - 20 thread with a max capacity of 5 lbs. 

Vastly superior to  plastic and spring loaded holders that can easily crack and break, the PHO-BRK-310 provides unmatched stability and support, holding device safely in place even under the most demanding of situations.

In addition to supporting tablets and phones, use for support of 35mm, action cameras, video cameras as well as other studio equipment.  Just like our tablet and phone mounts, professionals audio engineers, musicians, photographers and filmmakers will appreciate this high quality and reliable all-metal fixture!