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Zumm Photo 42" Dual Reflector Kit

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These reflectors are easy to use: just pop them open, and twist and fold them when you are done. There are two reflectors on frames in this kit: one has a light translucent material, which produces about 1/2 stop reduction in light transmission. The other frame has a medium diffuser, which produces a full stop of light diffusion.
Included are two different reversible covers (with four different materials). When zippered over the frame diffusers you can change the nature of the reflector to suit your needs. 

The reflector covers have 

  • White with Silver Reversible on one side
  • Gold with Sunlight Reversible on the other side,
  • and on the other cover 
  • White with Silver Reversible on one side
  • Black with Green Reversible on the other side.
  • Silver increases the specular highlights and produces a high-contrast image. Excellent for video, product shots and B&W photography.
  • Gold produces a natural, warm golden fill that is great for sunsets and indoor portraits. Use to create a "candlelight effect.
  • White produces an even, neutral-colored bounce light that works well as a fill light. Reduces harsh shadows.
  • Sunlight is a subtle woven sliver/gold color on a special pattern. It provides excellent reflectance with just a hint of warming. Excellent for portraits.
  • Translucent is used to diffuse light, and is used between the light source and the subject. Especially handy outside when the primary light source is the sun. Produces a soft, wraparound effect

Thus using a single reflector you have a choice of eight different colors. But using two reflectors, you have over 30 different color combinations available. Wow...imagine the versatility!

Includes carrying and storage  pouch.