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Zumm Photo 200WS Monolight with Bowens Reflector

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200 watt/second monolight produce plenty of power for most photographic applications.  The light, along with the white umbrella, create a beautiful soft light effect, useful when taking portrait and studio photography.  A wireless flash trigger is included, eliminating the need for a sync cord from a camera.
  • 200 Watt/Seconds
  • GN 120 (ISO 100/ft)
  • Variable Power Full to 1/32
  • Audible Buzz when ready (may be turned off
  • Flash Sensor (Slave) built-in, may be turned off
  • 50 Watt Modeling Light (Included)
  • Modeling light options: Off, On, Track with Power Setting
  • 3.5mm Synch Input (Cord not included)
  • Test Button
  • Bowens Type Reflector Included
  • Bowens Type Mount for reflectors, softboxes etc.
  • Umbrella Holder
  • 5 amp fuse
  • Overheat circuit protection
  • Power Cord Included
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty