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1/2 inch SNAKESKIN Wire & Cable Cover - black - 200 feet

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SNAKESKIN is a state-of-the-art wire bundling and protection system. SNAKESKIN is easy to use. Wires can be covered with or without ends attached. The wrap-around design provides 100% coverage that holds wires snugly in place.

The hybrid mono-filament/cloth weave construction will not retain moisture and protects wires and cables from abrasion. Convenient for rework and repair, SNAKESKIN can be easily removed and replaced. In addition, SNAKESKIN is expandable making covering of additional wires “no hassle”.

SNAKESKIN provides a sleek, clean look for maximum appeal and confidence. The job is not dressed properly until the SNAKESKIN is on! Best of all, SNAKESKIN will not “chew up” your fingers like standard plastic split loom.

Have pets that like to chew and play with electrical cords.  SNAKESKIN makes a great deterrent, protecting both wires and pets from electrical shock.

Available in 3/8", 1/2", 1" & 1.5" diameter.  Can be used on all audio, video, recording, broadcast, computer and auto sound applications.