REGRIP 2" x 16" Colossal Basic Style Reusable Cable Straps - 6 Pack



  • $ 12.95
  • Save $ 3

When you have really big stuff you need a really big strap.  REGRIP Colossal Reusable Cable straps are perfect when our full size straps are just not big enough.

Colossal straps are made made from 2" wide durable, heavy-duty hook and loop nylon and our double welded for extra strength.  6 straps to a pack.

Available in 3 different styles:

  • BASIC - simple, easy to use for quick and efficient bundling of wires and cables.
  • TANDEM - two straps in one, top section attaches around cable so it will not get lost
  • CINCH - includes buckle for extra leverage when securing cables


  • 16 inch
  • 24 inch

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