VGA/XGA Distribution Amplifier - 1x3

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The EZ-VM13 is a high-resolution computer video distribution amplifier with three outputs. The input has an associated front-panel BIT ID switch to assure compatibility with various computers. The three outputs are driven by video line amplifiers that provide flat, wideband response. The EZ-VM13 is used in houses of worship, restaurants, clubs, meeting rooms, class rooms, conference rooms, stores and in commercial A/V systems. MADE IN USA.


  • Input and Three Outputs on HD15 Female Connectors
  • Wide RGB Bandwidth > 360 MHz Loaded
  • High Resolution Compatibility VGA through QXGA
  • Reliable Full-Size Front-Panel Switch for ID Bit Selection
  • DC RGB Coupling, Output Polarity & Offset Follow Input
  • HD15 Input Cable Included - 36", 91.44 cm long


  • Wide Bandwidth Linearity and Low Distortion Outperform Common Wideband Monitor Distribution Amplifiers
  • Ideal Weight and Size for Portable Computer Case


Input:                                                         VGA - QXGA RGBHV or RGB with combined sync

Outputs (3):                                LOCAL MONITOR (1, ID bit pass-thru to INPUT) OUTPUTS (2)

Gain:                                          Unity

Video bandwidth:                       > 360 MHz

Video impedance:                      75 Ω (Input and output)

Sync (HV) input:                         500 Ω TTL 0.7 V to 5 V p-p

Sync (HV) output:                      5V TTL

Sync (HV) Propogation delay:    < 4 nS typ.

Sync (HV) Rise time:                  < 4 nS typ.

Sync (combined):                       Output follows input

Bit Control:                                 Switch-selectable (Pin 4, over-rides LOCAL MONITOR
                                                  jack ID bit pass-thru)

24 Vdc power supply current:    50 mA (idle), 65 mA (max.)

Case dimensions:                      5.75” (14.6 cm)W x 3” (7.6 cm)D

Mounting size:                           1/3 rack width

Package Type:                          Cardboard Box

Package Dimensions:                9.5 x 7 x 2.25 in.

Shipping Weight:                       1.335 lbs.

WEEE weight:                            0.87 lbs.

Tariff code:                                8518.40.2000


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