VGA/XGA Distribution Amplifier - 1x2

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The EZ-VM12 is a high-resolution computer video distribution amplifier with two outputs. The input has an associated front-panel BIT ID switch to assure compatibility with various computers. The two outputs are driven by video line amplifiers that provide flat, wideband response. The EZ‑VM12 is used in houses of worship, restaurants, clubs, meeting rooms, class rooms, conference rooms, stores and in commercial A/V systems. MADE IN USA.


  • Input and Two Outputs on HD15 Female Connectors
  • Wide RGB Bandwidth > 360 MHz Loaded
  • High Resolution Compatibility VGA through QXGA
  • Reliable Full-Size Front-Panel Switch for ID Bit Selection
  • DC RGB Coupling, Output Polarity & Offset Follow Input
  • HD15 Input Cable Included - 36", 91.44 cm long


  • Wide Bandwidth Linearity and Low Distortion Outperform Common Wideband Monitor Distribution Amplifiers
  • Ideal Weight and Size for Portable Computer Case


Input:                                           VGA - QXGA RGBHV or RGB with combined sync

Outputs (2):                                  LOCAL MONITOR (1, ID bit pass-thru to INPUT), MONITOR (1)

Gain:                                            Unity

Video bandwidth:                         > 360 MHz

Video impedance:                        75 Ω (Input and output)

Sync (HV) input:                           500 Ω TTL 0.7 V to 5 V p-p

Sync (HV) output:                         5V TTL

Sync (HV) Propogation delay:       < 4 nS typ.

Sync (HV) Rise time:                     < 4 nS typ.

Sync (combined):                          Output follows input

Bit Control:                                     Switch-selectable (Pin 4, over-rides
                                                      LOCAL MONITOR jack ID bit pass-thru

24 Vdc power supply current:        50 mA (idle), 60 mA (max.)

Case dimensions:                          5.75' (14.6 cm)W x 3' (7.6 cm)D

Mounting size:                                1/3 rack width

Package Type:                               Cardboard Box

Package Dimensions:                     9.5 x 7 x 2.25 in.

Shipping Weight:                            1.26 lbs.

WEEE weight:                                 0.87 lbs.

Tariff code:                                      8518.40.2000

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