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Fuhrmann Guitar Pedal - SUPER METAL DRIVE 2

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Angry, Mean, yet refined distortion via two separate channels. Intended for Heavy Metal & Modern High Gain sounds, the pedal is really two killer distortions in one box. The first channel is a bold high gain distortion, the second channel boost mid frequencies for lead solos and adds even more gain. The dynamics are very tube like and the EQ controls allow for very precise control over tone and harmonics.

  • Controls: Low, Shape, High, Level, Gain, Bypass, Channel
  • Power: 9V DC - external power only
  • Consumption: 10ma
  • Switch: True bypass
  • Physical: 5.5” x 4.33” x 2.36 (1.3 lbs)
FUHRMANN products are manufactured by hand with great care and a zeal for uniqueness in tone and style. All technology and manufacturing is done in-house at their factory in Brazil. Steel plates, inks and electronic components, add in a love of
music and dedication to craftsmanship, and turn it all into truly amazing devices that enhance creativity and add style to tone. Quality, credibility and respect for the musician are the values that guide the company and it’s leadership in the industry.