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Zumm Photo M42 Lens Mount Adapaters

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The Pentax/Praktica style Universal (M42x1) thread mount lenses were very popular for many years.  Now of course they are legacy lenses.  But in their history they had many fin quality lenses available, including mirror lenses, the excellent Takumar lenses and many more.  Since these lenses are available on the used market at bargin prices, these adapters will allow mounting on current camera models. No auto-focusing, but in most cases, automatic exposure is available in the aperture priority stopped down mode.

  • These adapters do not allow for auto focus, however automatic exposure is 
  • The M42 lens mount is a screw thread mounting standard for attaching lenses to single-lens reflex models.
  • It is more accurately known as the M42 × 1 mm standard, which means that it is a metric screw thread of 42 mm diameter and 1 mm thread pitch.
  • M42 thread mount cameras first became well known under the Praktica brand, and thus the M42 mount is known as the Praktica thread mount. Since there were no proprietary elements to the M42 mount, many other manufacturers used it; this has led to it being called the Universal thread mount or Universal screw mount by many.
  • The M42 mount was popularized in the United States by Pentax; thus, it is also known as the Pentax thread mount.