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Zumm Photo 35W 110v LED

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This new LED lamp is fully self contained with built in LED, Power circuit, and ultra quiet fan. Simply screw it into any standard E26/27 lamp socket (110V AC). THE LED chip is 30 Watts of energy usage but produces 300 eWatts when compared to incandescent light, approximately 3000 lumens.

Daylight color balanced to 5500° Kelvin, this LED has a CRI rating of 90, which assures you the best color fidelity possible anywhere near this price. The single chip technology is rated at 20,000 hours.Features a built-in diffuser dome, which assures even illumination over a very wide area. May be used with a softbox or umbrella, but it’s really not necessary, the light is quite even without one. Not for use in a dimming circuit.