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Zumm Photo 20 inch Square 1 Softbox Kit (1 CFL Bulb) No Bag

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This folding softbox kit is excellent for digital photography. Easy to set-up or close, the softbox has no ribs or adapters...everything is built-in. Includes one quick folding softbox, which expands quickly and easily, like an umbrella, plus a built-in socket for use with a fluorescent lamp. The lamp included is a new, cool 85 watt tricolor design, which produces a daylight color, and yet puts out the equivalent of 340 watts of incandescent light without the heat or energy use. Also included in the kit is a 6 ft light stand. Components are also available separately. NOTE: Not for use with incandescent lamps.

Single Square Folding SoftBox Kit Includes
• 1 20x20" quick-folding square folding softbox with socket and power cord, in-line on-off switch, 
1 6 ft Light Stand
• 1 85 Watt (340 eWatts) High Quality Spiral Flourescent Lamp