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5.1 Home Theater Speaker System - AMERICAN RECORDER TECHNOLOGIES, INC.

5.1 Home Theater Speaker System

HD Fidelity regular price - $ 1,199.95

  • 59995
  • Save $ 60000

The HD FIDELITY HDF-SYS-099-M 5.1 SPEAKER SYSTEM from AMERICAN RECORDER TECHNOLOGIES is a perfectly matched speaker system that delivers outstanding performance and exceptional sound detail, rivaling systems costing $1,000’s more! And yet, the system is comparably priced to the cheaply made “plastic” speakers-in-a-box systems you find at the big chain stores.  
The HDF-SYS-099 consists of four each, two-way 5.25” book shelf, one 5.25” center channel and a 10” – 150 watt amplified subwoofer.   The book shelf and center channel speakers feature high-pressure treated carbon cones with 1” textile soft dome tweeters. Carbon cones retain their shape and stiffness during extreme linier movement while providing clear and natural vocals, voices and instrumentation. The 1”soft dome textile tweeters deliver exceptional smooth and extended high-end frequencies without distortion.  In addition, the 10” -150 watt down-firing subwoofer creates full and clean low end bass that compliments both two-channel and 5.1 surround program material.   
Not only do we use some of the finest electronic components inside our HD FIDELITY TM SPEAKERS, but to the speaker cabinets themselves! Taking great attention to detail, our cabinets are constructed and reinforced using acoustic superior and thick MDF (medium density fiberboard) wood. MDF wood enclosures are sonic neutral, the will not vibrate or rattle, even when played at high volume levels. 
Plastic cabinets on the other hand…well just think how your car rattles when you drive!   Each cabinet is then covered in a real wood veneer with a maple satin finish.  The soft, rolled edge corners create a true, craftsman-quality, furniture finish, not seen very often in audio products these days.  
 Finally, all speaker connections are made via 5-Way gold binding post located on the back side of each speaker. Originally selling for $1,299.95 , AMERICAN RECORDER TECHNOLOGIES now brings you the HDF-099-M at the factory direct price of $599.95 including shipping and handling!    
Do you have more questions? Go ahead and give us a call at 800.777.9580 (M-F, 8:30-4:30 PST) or email us at Do you have more questions? Go ahead and give us a call at 888-611-3790 (M-F, 8:30-4:30 PST) or email us at  

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